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Created on October 10, 2014 by vivre sans violence
Europe is an innovative tool to reduce intimate partner violence by offering information and early support to people affected by this issue. Through an online counselling service, internet users can ask questions anonymously and receive personalised answers from a team of specialists. With a few clicks, they also can access a complete and detailed range of information, sharp advice and useful addresses.

In Switzerland, 1 woman out of 5 is directly concerned with physical or sexual abuse from the partner. Breaking the silence is the first step to stop the cycle of violence, but shame and fear make it difficult. makes the first step out of silence easier.

The website contains four sections, each one aiming at a particular public: victims, abusers, family and friends, teenagers. Every year more people seek for help through this service. Currently, it receives 580 visits daily and more than 1000 questions are posted each year, but there are many more people affected. We need to reach them!

The service is active in the French speaking cantons of Switzerland, but receives questions from other countries as well. 


Online counselling team

The online counselling service relies on a team of 15 highly skilled professionals working in services specialised in domestic violence. Besides their regular activities, with victims or abusers, they spend part of their time answering online to internet users on

Anna Golisciano, director

Anna is committed to the support of victims of domestic violence since 2004, when she started working in a women shelter. At the head of the organisation, she puts particular emphasis on developing women empowerment. She holds a MA in Psychology and recently completed the EPNL program at Stanford.


For its online counselling service, works in partnership with the major services specialised in the field of domestic violence and is integrated in the cantonal public plans to end domesti violence.

The organisation is also a focal point of WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe). 


Annual Report

To know more about vivre sans violence activities and the service provided thourgh read the Annual report 2014.


All donations for this project are private for the moment.