Rehabilitation of children victims of violence

Rehabilitation of children victims of violence

Since April 2018, Nicaragua is suffering from a severe sociopolitical crisis that has developed as a result of a civilian protest movement against social security reforms decreed by the Nicaraguan government. So far, the crisis has claimed at least 448 lives, leaving 2830 wounded and almost 600 disappeared. Amongst the victims are many students and young people. In order to escape the increasing violence surrounding them, dozens have sought shelter at Casa Alianza, who has been working under extreme conditions in order to ensure safety and protection for these young people and its personnel. With schools being closed for weeks, and no possibilities to practice any sports in public playing fields or parks anymore for security reasons, it is considered indispensable to find a solution to keep children and youth occupied in their free time. This is where the idea to establish a sports hall within Casa Alianza’s premises was born: a place where these young people can play and exercise in-between classes, meetings with the psychologist or therapeutical activities.

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