Mobile reforestation units

Mobile reforestation units

Each year, approximately 13 million hectares of forests disappear. Widespread deforestation and unsustainable land use have a devastating impact on natural ecosystems and human livelihoods, depriving particularly disadvantaged persons of their valuable natural resources. Our reforestation project tackles three major consequences of deforestation: Soil degradation; Water scarcity and drought; and Food insecurity and malnutrition. The setting up of 3 mobile units will enable the direct training of 60,000 men and women over 3 years, enabling 150,000 trees to be planted (50,000 per region). The trees planted have an 80% survival rate, guaranteeing beneficiaries of our project increased food security over the long term thanks to the production of fruits and nuts as well as regenerated soils through the oxalogenic process (a biochemical reaction that sequesters carbon permanently as limestone in the soil (oxalate-carbonate pathway) and therefore efficiently regenerates it).
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