The Positive Cup - Nespresso Recycling

The Positive Cup - Nespresso Recycling

Nespresso has a recycle process campaign since some years ago named Positive Cup: a programme aiming to ensure sustainability across the company’s value chain, to ensure that each cup of Nespresso has a positive impact on society and the environment.

In August this year, we heard about the recycling process of Nespresso capsules and decided to join this initiative at the IATA office in Madrid.

Nespresso recycling process includes: bins for the coffee capsules, collection of coffee capsules at our office twice per month and the complete recycle process, with no cost for IATA.

Once collected, the capsules are sent to a company in charge of separating the aluminum from the coffee and then reuse them.

Spain – Nespresso rice project  

Since 2011, Nespresso has been converting the coffee grounds from their recycled capsules into high-quality compost to be used as fertilizer in the rice paddies of the Ebro Delta, and its production is donated to the food banks (FESBAL) every year.  

In March 2018, Nespresso donated 115 tons of rice project to FESBAL (Spanish food banks).


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