Dhaka Orphanage: Building a library

Dhaka Orphanage: Building a library

Dhaka Ahsania Mohila Mission is a voluntary social organization in Bangladesh (one of the poorest in the world). It was established in 1983.

At present, the shelter is taking care of 70 orphan girls, providing them with their basic needs including food, shelter, clothing, education (up to Higher Secondary School) as well as other needs free of charge.

Due to financial limitations, the girls can only pursue their education until Higher Secondary School. The goal of the mission is to establish each girl's eventual self-reliance. Therefore, they need support for their educational needs.

The orphans need your help.

First, by building an IATA library with books and old laptops. Currently they do not have a proper library.

Why is this important?

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. And they might stop the foundation and school if not receiving sufficient funds now. Our RVP and local office contributed rice and foods and it give them good meal for more than 2 weeks.

Let’s build an IATA library for them: please donate your unused books and old laptops (can be brought to IATA SIN office). We have IATA colleagues who travel to SIN every month – and you can ask their help to bring your unused books and old laptops.


How can you participate?

1) Donations in-kind

Please donate your unused books and old laptops (can be brought to IATA SIN office).

To keep track of in-kind donations, please send a photo of your donation to, stating your name, email, date of donation, type of items donated and quantity.

2) We also accept cash donations, via Paypal. In order to donate, please click the "donate now" button.

3) Organize an event raise awareness to this initiative. You can do this by creating a volunteering activity.


Would like to go the extra mile?

We'd love that, too! You can create your own fundraising event associated to this project. Simply click here to start organizing your fundraising event.

Thank you for your support!

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