Reduce Violence in Uganda

Reduce Violence in Uganda

Over 80% of children have been physically abused by teachers in Uganda. And Girls are regularly targeted. However, only a FEW actors such NVPF are present in this region.

We use SEVERAL CHANNELS to fight violence : development of educational materials, training of all actors (school administration, teachers, students, families and communities) and consolidation of our presence in order to perpetuate our actions (case studies, mid- term reports, forums, radio broadcasts).

During this 3 years program, 60 Master trainers (20 per year)  are trained to teach our "Schools for Peace level 1-3" programmes, our administration manuals on non-violence and the use of "Peace boxes" (anonymous boxes collecting cases of violence). "Peace Clubs" are also created in order to mobilize and empower young people in a peace and social development process. 

Our vision is HOLISTIC: it integrates and trains all the actors involved in the project. The program is already supported by the Canton and the City of Geneva, the Migros Aid Fund and the Fondation Smartpeace. In 3 years, we will have trained 25'000 youth, empowered 2500 teachers and reached 250 schools, in addition to families and acquaintances (already more than 6000 students educated in 2018 with a wonderfulle feedback). We work with local actors, such as local authorities, politicians, local leaders, communities and our local office (NVP Uganda).

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