The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)

The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)

The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)

NO ONE WAS BORN VIOLENTBecause violence is a learned behaviour, if young people can learn to be violent, they can also learn to be non-violent. Therefore, we base our work on inner change and on raising awareness. Knowledge is the best weapon against violence.


NVPF was founded in 1993 & promots social change through education.Its mission is to create and deliver highly customized education to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ENGAGE young people to understand how to SOLVE CONFLICTS PEACEFULLY.NVPF implements Schools and Sports for Peace Programs to help change attitudes and behaviours that have allowed violence to increase. Beneficiaries are young people between 9 and 25 years old. Education programs cover topics such as the philosophy of violence, conflict management, self-esteem and bullying.Research shows that preventive education can reduce costs to society by up to 2/3, if dealt with in time.
Founded : 2019
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Phone: +41229404247
Address: Chemin de Balexert 9 - 1219 - Geneva

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