Casa Alianza Suisse

Casa Alianza Suisse

Casa Alianza Suisse

The Swiss branch of Casa Alianza was established in 1997 to support the field programs of Casa Alianza/La Alianza in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico, through advocacy, awareness-raising and the generation of funds from national and international donors.


Casa Alianza is a non-governmental organization dedicated to social and family reintegration and the protection of children's rights in four Latin American countries: Guatemala (since 1981), Honduras (since 1987), Mexico (since 1988) and Nicaragua (since 1998). By taking care of street children, victims of trafficking, abuse, or in a situation of very high social risk, Casa Alianza gives them the necessary tools to get out of these circumstances and rebuild themselves. Each year, several hundred young people begin school, attend vocational training courses, return to their homes or reintegrate into society thanks to a global care program and the work of a qualified and entirely local staff. Casa Alianza Switzerland Association was founded more than 20 years ago, with the aim of providing substantial financial support to the four Casa Alianza sites in the field and enabling them to carry out their actions in favor of disadvantaged children. In Geneva, the Association (recognized by the public utility) is composed of a Volunteer Committee and one employee.
Founded : 1997
Sector :
Phone: 0223218286
Address: Rue du Simplon 5

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