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Helping cities become more sustainable and a source of inspiration for others.

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Citizens are empowered to create a positive and lasting change on society.

Solidarity leadership and community work are encouraged.

Cities social programs as well as their sustainability action get visibility and support.

Cities become contributors in terms of social innovation to their citizens and a source of inspiration for others


Infrastructure projects get attention from businesses around the world for funding.


Citizens participate to make their city more sustainable by creating impact projects and activities such as fundraising challenges and volunteering.


Causedirect helps cities reach the UN SDGs.

Not just an internet solution...

Causedirect helps cities reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and accelerate their implementation.

With them, we define, implement and deploy the best strategies so that their projects generate maximal positive and lasting impact on society.

CauseDirect has been chosen to be the funding portal for the SDG Cities Leadership Platform a competition organized by the UNGSII, OIER, and Smart Cities foundations and the UNOPs to rewards the most sustainable cities in the world.