Bringing purpose at work.

Helping businesses become catalysts for positive change to shape a more sustainable world.

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Do you want...

Your business to be more purpose driven ?

Promote solidarity, leadership and social intrapreneurship among employees?

Offer your employees the opportunity to express their social engagement?

Improve their satisfaction and morale at work?


We empower your employees to express their social engagement and become the change they wish to see in the world.


We do that by mobilizing your staff on projects that matter via coaching, workshops, and unforgettable events that we create with you.


We want to make your engagement know by everyone and make you become a source of inspiration for the generations to come.

Not just an internet solution...

Causedirect is first and foremost a consulting practice with a portal serving only as a support to put your sustainablility strategy into motion. In other words, if both can be chosen separately, one cannot be done without the other .In fact, the consultation service is essential for the engagement portal to achieve its objectives.

Connecting people via a portal is somewhat easy. What is not easy is to empower people to create the right impact. Many projects may look perfect on paper but prove to be catastrophic on the ground. That's why Causedirect strives to provide the best advice to companies to ensure that their impact stategy meets a real need and is properly implemented to achieve its goals.

Consult with our experts who will help your employees generate impact through tailored, innovative & action-oriented plans.