CauseDirect Academy.

We empower students to become catalysts for positive change using the latest technology

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Your Impact...

Students are empowered to create a positive and lasting change on society.

Solidarity leadership and social intrapreneurship are encouraged and facilitated.

Team work (especially through volunteering) is facilitated and encouraged.

Academies become the catalysts in social innovation and a source of inspiration for society.


Via Causedirect, students create impact projects and activities and get support from people around the world.


With us, students can fundraise and volunteer for the causes they care about and give them maximal visibility.


We want to make students engagement known by everyone and make them become a source of inspiration for the generations to come.

Accountable Design For Change-Makers...

Many projects may look perfect on paper but prove to be catastrophic on the ground. That's why CauseDirect strives to help students ensure that their projects meet a real need and are properly implemented to achieve their goals.

With them, we will define, implement and deploy the best strategies so that their projects generate maximal positive and lasting impact on society.

CauseDirect helps students become the change they want to see in the world by providing the support they need to make their project become a reality.