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Create your page on Causedirect and show how committed your institution is to make the world a better place. Post some of your most inspiring projects to get support.
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Create your own community engagement portal and empower your colleagues to create and support projects aiming at making a positive and lasting change on society.
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We connect you to thousands of passionate individuals all over the planet who share your cause.

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We empower people to support the causes they care about, by operating an efficient tool for fundraising and matching their skills with your needs.

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Receive money directly from donors directly onto your account, without intermediary. No fee is charged, aside from the commission on electronic payments, of less than 1.4%.
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what you can do
Causedirect helps companies reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and accelerate their implementation.

With you, we define, implement and deploy the best strategies so that your projects generate maximal positive and lasting impact on society.
what we need from you

The registration process may seem a bit long, but it is necessary for us to understand your vision, your mission and, above all, your needs. First, you will need to fill a self-assessment questionnaire. Once done, we will ask some questions and some documents before we eventually give you access to our community.
We advise you to prepare everything before answering the questionnaire.

1 .
general information
- Brief history of the organizaton
- Provide a chart showing the structure of the organization and list all branch of affiliate offices.
- Number of projects you are currently promoting/sponsoring, please include some material, such as the latest annual assembly reports, brochures, newsletter, or news reports about your organization.
- Names of senior management
- Composition of the Board/Governing Body and names of its members.
- Letter of reference from people outside the organizations such as funders, partner organizations, program beneficiaries.
- Number of permanent staff
- Main activity/program
- Charter (if any)
- Does the organization have a technical evaluation of past impact available? (if so please join the study to the document)
2 .
financials & funding process
- What is your fundraising efficiency ratio?(y fundraising expenses / x related contributions)
- Please provide your last audited financial statements (last two fiscal years). The statements must show your sources of income.
- Please provide a budget for the current year showing your planned sources of income and expenses.
3 .
use of funding
- Who is managing the cash received from the donors? How?
- Are you paying particular attention to the identity of the donor?
- Do you have a list of donors from whom you would refuse funding?
- How much do you need to fund your project? For what purpose? Describe for each project.
- Can you please specify your target time frame ( how much you need for what date and for what purpose)?
- Please specify the allocation of your funding (ex: staff. office rent, transportation, drugs, nets against malaria, clothes, etc.)
- How would your activities change if you had more funding than expected? Less? Would more revenue translate into something else?
- In case you manage more than one project/program, please provide the breakdown of your funding allocation by program. Who decides this allocation?
4 .
disbursement information
- please enter the bank account of the organization as well as a PayPal account.