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"to live is to be of service of people"


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A community of people and organizations who believe in a new form of society and economy, more ethical and more collaborative.
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We believe in a new form of society and economy, more ethical and more collaborative. One that is designed to serve people, not to be served by them. We also believe in the values of social entrepeneurship. With you, we intend to change the game, disrupt the status quo and create a better world.


We bring meaning to people’s life, purpose to organizations, and contribute to a sustainable world.

We connect you with the most amazing and inspiring projects we come across.
Projects that can really change the world we live in!
With Causedirect, you can create, share, promote projects, activities and events to make the world a better place.
You become a catalyst for social change and your engagement a source of inspiration for the generations to come.

We’re two friends sharing the same dreams.
We decided to spice our boring lives and created an online employee engagement platform accessible to everyone within companies to share good vibes. Bit by bit, we became a community of people and organizations sharing the same objective: to make this world a better place.
We believe in a new form of society and economy, more ethical and more collaborative. An economy that serves people and not served by people.


An engagement portal designed to empower people and organizations to make a positive and lasting impact on society.

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our DNA
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why us?

To give a purpose to our lives and by helping you do the same, we've decided to make our platform accessible to everyone.


We believe that we all must serve a purpose. Having a roof, being in good health or living decently makes us indebted to society and it is our moral duty to help those in need.


With Causedirect, your donations go directly to the cause or project you select, without intermediary! In other words, you see what you give and to whom you give and where you give.


Because we want to make sure you support the right cause, NGOs go through a rigorous and scrupulous selection process - so you have access to a highly curated list of projects, instead of a long catalogue of initiatives that had no previous quality control checks.


Causedirect facilitates solidarity action within your organization through an easy-to-use community, using gamification and rewards to keep users coming back.


A project may seem fantastic on paper but can lead to catastrophic results on the ground. That's why our team of experts with field expertise analyzes the NGOs we work with, and evaluates the projects submitted - so you and your team are only engaged in projects that have a clear and positive outcome to all stakeholders involved, from start to finish. Only NGOs that consistently pass our strick quality control checks throughout the year are listed in your community engagement portal.


You can submit your projects for as long as you want, without having to mention the amount you want to raise.

meet the team

Patrick Vieljeux

Patrick Vieljeux

Founder, Partner, Strategy, Business Development (French)

Tibor Luka

Tibor Luka

Co-Founder, Partner, Strategy, Investor Relations, Business Development (Swiss)

Sofia Ribeiro

Sofia Ribeiro

COO, product, marketing & operations (Portuguese)

Hervé Collin

Hervé Collin

Partner, sales, Business Development, Investor Management (French)

Zeina Abdo

Zeina Abdo

Coaching, Motivational Speaker, CSR Advisory, Smile for Hope Foundation Founder (Lebanese)

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