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"To live is to be of service to others"


Causedirect is a Swiss-based non-profit organization designed to help charities meet and eventually exceed their fundraising goals. With us, they will be able to focus on creating and managing their projects and increase awareness of their causes among a broader audience! Causedirect also helps employees express their social engagement through giving programme kits that we propose to their employer.

(You may have a look to the Causedirect's articles of incorporation on the Geneva's authority web site : Causedirect)

Causedirect is different from other platforms in many ways:


With Causedirect, your donations go directly to the charity or to the project you select.  Without transiting through an intermediary.

Why should you donate money through Causedirect instead of giving it directly to the charity? Via Causedirect you will have access to a vast and to a selective choice of charities. Furthermore, the charity will benefit from a special payment-processing fee, which we agreed with PayPal.  In other words, giving through Causedirect is cheaper for the charity.


Accountability, sustainability, performance of a non-profit cannot be reduced to its finances or operations.  Good governance is also a key element that can also make or break an institution. Because we want to make sure that you give to the right cause, charities and social projects are rigorously selected through a protocol defined by the Société Générale de Surveillance (, the world leading certification and control company and Causedirect’s partner.


Causedirect allows your colleagues to raise money for causes they and their employers care about by facilitating the implementation of grant matching programs.

  • Your donation goes directly to the project you choose!
  • You see what you give and where you give.
  • Giving through Causedirect is good for the cause: Its fundraising costs are among the lowest in the Internet!

You can display your project as long as you wish without necessarily mentioning the amount you need to raise.  Once you have raised enough money, you can replace it by another project.

Beyond GIving

Backing a project via Causedirect is more than giving some money.  You are part of a growing community of changemakers who share the same passion: making the world a better place.   Join us! : )