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Increase your exposure

With Causedirect, you gain immediate access to millions of users around the world while being able to express yourself in the language of your choice in addition to the platform’s native language, English. This allows you to better focus on your projects.

Easily manage your fundraising campaign

With Causedirect you have your own dashboard indicating real-time raised amounts, information on recent donors and itemised donation amounts paid into each of the projects you posted on Causedirect. You can even submit your projects for translation in the language you require to best reach your audience at cost.

Funds raised go directly to your account

With Causedirect, the money you receive from donors goes directly into your account without transiting through an intermediary’s account first. No fee is charged aside from the commission on the electronic payment required by PayPal that stands at 1.4% per transaction. All you need to pay Causedirect is a 5% commission on the total amount you raised during the previous quarter.

But wait, it gets better... In reality, what you pay us annually is less than that. Why? Because Causedirect is a non-profit organization that donates all of its profits to the organizations that are registered on the platform in proportion to the funds they have raised during the year!