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Celebrating change-makers.

Let's become a force for good!

90% of employees around the globe find a fun and meaningful working environment very or extremely motivating. With Causedirect you will be able to create such environment while creating a social impact. Because we believe that doing good is good for business, we are giving you the tool to become a force of good!

What we do.

We connect social impact projects with global corporations, empowering their employees to go beyond giving and to become active social change-makers.

How we do it

Via  a grant matching tool allowing corporations and their employees to express their social engagement.

How does it work?


It is a charitable program created by corporations matching donations made by employees.


Which means that if an employee donates to a selected project, the company will donate money to the same project according to a pre-determined match ratio.


  1. Initiate (or choose) a project (or a charity) and submit it to your enterprise for validation
  2. The project is accessible to the employees of the company and gets financial support
  3. The project is managed and followed online via Causedirect
  4. The company may match the employees' donations